Thursday, July 10, 2008

OCSDKWrapper Project on CodePlex

George Durzi wrote a really nice wrapper for the Office Communicator SDK. He also included a sample application to get you started.

The Office Communicator SDK is actually pretty easy to use, but some parts could have been easier. Especially cleaning up when the connection is lost. Monitoring the status of the connection. Connecting to communicator.

And exactly that functionality he addressed with this OCSDKWraper.

Please check out his blogpost: OCSDKWrapper Project on CodePlex

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Joachim just received the Microsoft MVP Award

I have to congratulate Joachim Farla for receiving the MVP award.


Getting/Setting presence protocols

About a month ago I downloaded all of the Microsoft Office Protocol Documents as a single zip file. I did the same today because I noticed that there were new version of these documents.

What really made me wonder was that it weren't the same number of documents. As I am especially interested in the sip protocols, I noticed that the protocols for getting presence weren't in there anymore.....[MS-SIP].

Turned out that they were moved to a different location.

For anyone who is interested:

Presence Protocols

Microsoft has just released a final version of their presence protocols (the one I used for presence subscription with UCMA).

For any one who is interested in a deeper understanding of presence, this document can give you more insight.

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