Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's coming up...

I've been really busy with a lot of questions and issues regarding to UC development. Here is a short overview of what I've been working on and what you can expect from me the next few weeks.

CWA and Silverlight 2 beta 1.

I'm still working on this one here is a screenshot of the current application:


Next part of this series will show you how to handle presence events.



After publishing the articles about how to get and how to set presence, I got a series of questions and issues. To solve these I had to take a deep dive into the presence and SIP protocols. Microsoft recently published preliminary versions of these protocols.

Here is a list of the things I worked on:

  1. Getting and Setting presence(update article coming soon)
  2. Subscriptions
    1. self(Categories, Containers, Subscribers)
    2. roaming contacts (groups and contacts)
    3. presence (in fact there are 3 ways how you can implement presence subscriptions).
  3. ContainerMembership


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