Friday, June 27, 2008

WPF Presence Screen saver

Based on the WPF Custom Screen Saver Art artikel by Erik Klimczak on coding4fun, a colleague of mine, Michiel van Oudheusden decided to extend this screen saver to show real presence.

Showing presence icons and the friendly name of the user. Next to this presence there is a kind of notification for incoming messages. The icon is going to blink.

The presence information is build with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 SDK.

You can download the source code of this C# sample project code from codeplex.

More information here.

For running this sample you have to need Office Communicator 2007 installed. This code doesn't run on 64 bit machines.

There is one strange thing I encountered. The presence only changes if there is an other product running that is integrating with communicator (Outlook).

For more information you can contact or me


Joachim Farla and Marc Wetters said...

Maybe of the record. We do not give any support on this release so ever. Feel free to try this out (feedback is always welcome). We do not garantee this release will scrumble things up. We haven't seen any problems but just for sure saying it. Joachim Farla

Erik said...

Great work guys! I never got around to integrating the presence information..good to see my code went to good use.

Eivind said...

Nice! Was looking to implement this myself when I saw your comment on the original blog. There seems to be a problem getting UCM-data when the computer is locked, which is usually when you would need a screensaver. Haven't tried debuging yet, do you guys have any idea what's going on here?

Jack said...

very nice extension to the original screen saver! would love to see how it works, however the source code is not on codeplex as stated.

working at e-office